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Discover our range of old and new world wines, created with passion using traditional winemaking techniques and the finest estate-grown fruit from our Clare Valley vineyards.

We produce 4 ranges of Clare Valley wine, including the super-premium RCV range, our signature Dry Land range, the ever-popular Reillys range, and our renowned Barking Mad range.

Discover our newest Moonvine range of Moppa and Greenock unique blended wines, also available to purchase at Reillys II Greenock Cellar Door.


All of our wines are vegan friendly as we use bentonite (natural clay) as a fining agent rather than animal products.

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Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 29 November 2019  


At the 2019 Winestate Magazine Wine of the Year Awards, Justin and Julie Ardill and the team at Reillys were delighted to receive The Travelrite TROPHY for Riesling of the Year for our 2018 Reillys Watervale Riesling. This follows the same award being received for our 2011 Reillys Museum Release Watervale Riesling at the 2018 Winestate Wine of the Year Awards.

At the awards ceremony, the Chair of Judges Stephen John commented on the class of Rieslings that were judged...

Author: Dan Traucki   Date Posted: 13 June 2019  

Here's a great read from independent wine journalist Dan Traucki about his recent visit to our winery and cellar door, and about the centenary of our Old Bush Vine Grenache vineyard!

See more at



Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 15 May 2019  


We are so humbled and delighted to have received yet another accolade for one of our aged Rieslings in The Advertiser today. The wonderful Katie Spain visited our Cellar Door recently and enjoyed our Long Lunch where she tasted our limited release 2000 Watervale Riesling and fell in love!

She writes ; “This aged beauty makes marigold look like wallflowers. Vibrant gold in colour, it begs for patience. Take your time swirling the sunset in your glass. Savour the comforting, toasty aromas, and pause to pontificate over lus...

Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 15 February 2019  

Are you thinking about sharing a special bottle of wine this weekend? Here three of our top recommendations and we are thrilled that Huon Hooke and Toni Paterson from The Real Review agree that these are three wines that are sure to impress!

2014 RCV 'Epitaph' Shiraz

Huon Hooke

"Very deep, dark red/black colour with a trace of purple. The bouquet confirming this as a thumping big red with massive mocha, dark chocolate and blackberry jam aromas, super-ripe, opulent and avoiding 'dead fruit' overtones. A very ripe, high-octane, whopper shiraz, which manages to be soft and supple in the mouth with a luxurious feel and remarkably good balance. It ...

Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 27 November 2018  



At the 2018 Winestate Magazine Wine of the Year Awards, Justin and Julie Ardill and the team at Reillys Wines were thrilled and humbled to receive the RIESLING OF THE YEAR TROPHY for the Reillys 2011 Museum Release Watervale Riesling.

The 2011 is the second vintage of the Museum Release Riesling with the first being 2008 which was released in 2017. A limited number of cases of our estate grown Watervale Riesling were selected to be cellared, allowing time to develop the characterisitic profile of of an aged Riesling which resulted in this award-winning wine.

Upon acceptance ...

Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 21 November 2018  

On Monday 12th November 2018, Justin and Julie Ardill and the team at Reillys Wines were delighted to receive confirmation of TOP 100 WINES & BLUE-GOLD AWARD for their 2014 RCV ‘The Dancer’ Cabernet Sauvignon at the 2019 Sydney International Wine Competition.

This is not the first time ‘The Dancer’ has received this prestigious award. Produced only when winemaker Justin Ardill judges the vintage to be of extremely high quality, this limited release wine has been produced in vintages 2006, 2010 and 2014 - each of which has received this coveted BLUE-GOLD AWARD.

As owner and chief winemaker Justin says “It is incredibly humbling to receive awards of this calibre and to be recognised as one of the top Cabernet producers in Australia. Great wines...

Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 26 July 2018  


One of the joys of wine is that there is always something new to try. From the latest vintage release offering subtle nuanced differences from the previous vintage, to winemakers tantalising palates w...

Author: Emma Purvis   Date Posted: 29 June 2018  


Being a Reillys Foundation VIP isn't just about getting a discount on your favourite wines - it's so much more than that as we were reminded at our recent Winemaker Dinner.

It's about a shared love for quality wines, an appreciation for the craftsmanship of an artisan winemaker and being a part of something that feels more like a family than a wine club.

With a welcome glass of Sparkling Riesling in hand, our guests mingled and chatted before taking their seats and quietening down just long enough for Justin to say a few words; "Tonight we are holding a Silent Auction, raising money for Can...

Discover our Moppa and Greenock range of unique blended wines.

Also available to purchase at Reillys II Greenock Cellar Door.